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Methanation Catalyst

Methanation Catalyst

SYAMCAT methanation catalyst uses a high NiO active component and uses a pressing process to promote the reaction of low-concentration carbon oxides (such as CO, CO2) and excess hydrogen to generate inert gas CH4 and easily removed H2O to purify the gas.

Methanation catalysts manufactured by SYAMCAT possess remarkable high-temperature resistance and tolerance to toxicity. They exhibit a high service life of at least 6 years in large-scale hydrogen and ammonia production facilities. SYAMCAT typically offers its products in an oxidized state, but we can provide pre-reduced catalysts if required by the customers.

SYAMCAT Methanation Catalyst

Why Choose SYAMCAT Methanation Catalyst?


≥30% NiO, high activity, enhancing the adsorption capacity of the catalyst for CO.


10-6(V/V)carbon oxide residuals


10×10-6 (V/V) CO + CO2  in the outlet of methanation reactor using a well-designed and properly operation.


6+ years of high guaranteed service life


>120(N/cm) Crushing Strength

Production Process of SYAMCAT Methanation Catalyst

 Precise Catalyst Carrier Selection: Start by choosing γ-Al2O3 as the catalyst carrier material, known for its high surface area and stability.
 Efficient Component Immersion: Immerse the carrier in a solution containing soluble compounds with nickel and other active components, both main and co-catalysts.
 Optimized Contact Time: Allow the carrier to interact with the solution for a defined duration, ensuring proper absorption of active components.
 Thorough Solution Removal: After the immersion period, remove excess solution meticulously to ensure uniform distribution of active components.
 Effective Drying: Subject the impregnated carrier to controlled drying, eliminating moisture and preparing it for subsequent stages.
 Precise Roasting: Roast the dried catalyst material at optimized temperatures to activate the components and stabilize their catalytic properties.
 Activation Process: Execute a specific activation process to enhance the catalyst's reactivity, preparing it for the methanation reaction.

Ammonia synthesis catalyst production process flow chart:

Mixing → Impregnation → Drying  Crushing → Roasting  Activation

SYAMCAT Methanation Catalyst Solution

During the hydrogen and ammonia production process, carbon-containing feedstock can produce traces of CO and CO2. By utilizing selective methanation, minute amounts of CO in hydrogen-rich gas can be removed without harming electrodes or the environment. The challenge in this method lies in the requirement for the CO methanation catalyst to possess excellent catalytic activity and high selectivity, while avoiding the concurrent methanation reaction of CO2, thus reducing the consumption of H2 in the reactants.

In hydrogen and ammonia production facilities, SYAMCAT methanation catalyst is employed to facilitate the reaction between low-concentration carbon oxides (such as CO and CO2) and excess hydrogen gas, resulting in the formation of inert gas CH4 and easily removable H2O. This process purifies the gas, protecting downstream catalysts.
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Methanation Catalyst with Long Service Life for Methanation Process
Methanation Catalyst with Long Service Life for Methanation Process.
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SYAMCAT's Technology Service of Methanation Catalyst

Customized Catalyst Solutions:
The professional technical team will optimize the synthesis ammonia catalyst according to your operating conditions/requests and propose the most suitable product to you;
Guaranteed 6-Year Service Life:
An official authoritative guarantee of a service life of at least 6 years
Expert Remote Guidance and Technical Support:
Remote guidance and technical services for catalyst start-up, loading, maintenance of any in-service shutdown, etc. (including reduction). If on-site instruction is required, a small fee will be charged according to the time;
Real-Time Production Monitoring and Support:
Monitor and record data for your production operations at any time (your cooperation is required), and provide real-time technical advice or parameter adjustments if necessary for various conditions during operation.

FAQs of SYAMCAT Methanation Catalyst

What is the primary function of methanation catalysts?
Methanation catalysts primarily convert carbon oxides, such as CO and CO2, into methane (CH4), a valuable energy source.
What are the common operating conditions for methanation reactions?
Methanation reactions typically occur at elevated temperatures and specific pressures, which vary based on the catalyst and the specific application.
Through continuous technological innovation, we provide catalyst solutions for ammonia production.
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SYAMCAT is a professional manufacturer of synthetic ammonia catalysts with over 30 years of catalyst experience and history,Through continuous technological innovation, we offer catalyst solutions for ammonia production.If you would like to learn more or are in search of a manufacturer for synthetic ammonia catalysts for your company, please feel free to contact us.
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