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Growing Together: SYAMCAT's Contributions to Agricultural Education and Prosperity

Growing Together: SYAMCAT's Contributions to Agricultural Education and Prosperity

Dec 28,2017
Growing Together: SYAMCAT's Contributions to Agricultural Education and Prosperity
Mr. Niu Kai, the founder of SYAMCAT, is not only deeply committed to supporting education in remote rural areas of Zibo but also actively involved in promoting agricultural education in the region. Through the "RenDe Charity Foundation" under the umbrella of Avant Group, he donated 30,000 yuan to establish the first "San Nong" (Agriculture, Rural Areas, and Farmers) Knowledge Training Center in Shandong Province, named "RenDe San Nong Knowledge Training Center," in Doufu Chen Village, Qingcheng Town, Gaoqing County.
Establish the first "San Nong"Knowledge Training Center in Shandong Province
The Village Committee Secretary and SYAMCAT Founder delivered speeches
Zhang Jiping, the secretary of Doufu Chen Village Branch in Qingcheng Town, Gaoqing County, expressed his gratitude, stating that the Knowledge Training Center aims to enhance farmers' education, cultivate knowledgeable farmers, and facilitate the village's prosperity. The funds will be utilized to purchase study desks, multimedia equipment, projectors, and to establish rural libraries and provide agricultural knowledge training.

In his speech, Mr. Niu Kai expressed, "China is an agricultural giant, and our nation places great emphasis on the implementation of rural revitalization strategies. We aspire to cultivate a dedicated team passionate about agriculture, rural areas, and farmers, known as the 'San Nong' workforce. We have taken a modest step today by establishing the RenDe San Nong Knowledge Training Center in Doufuchen Village, Qingcheng Town, Gaoqing County. We hope that our fellow villagers will make the most of this funding, ensuring the success of the training center. Together, let's nurture more farmers who can lead their communities to prosperity, striving for a poverty-free and well-off society. In the future, we will continue our unwavering support for charitable initiatives and education, embracing innovation and relentless efforts in our endeavors."
RenDe San Nong Knowledge Training Center
As a brand of Avant Group, SYAMCAT is dedicated to global sustainable agricultural development. Our mission is to drive the sustainable development of agriculture, promote rural prosperity, and empower farmers to achieve financial well-being. This initiative embodies our brand's unwavering commitment to supporting agriculture, rural communities, and farmers.

The proverb, "Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime," encapsulates our philosophy. We aspire to inspire and educate them, equipping them with the knowledge and technological expertise necessary to enhance agriculture, rural life, and the livelihoods of farmers in China and beyond. Through our continuous efforts, we aim to catalyze progress and development within China's agricultural sector, thereby promoting global sustainability.

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