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Secondary Reforming Catalyst

Secondary Reforming Catalyst

SYAMCAT's secondary steam reforming catalyst is a type of nickel catalyst specifically engineered for high-temperature secondary reforming furnace or autothermal furnace steam reforming processes. It provides excellent activity, heat resistance, and structural stability.
SYAMCAT Sencondary Steam Reforming Catalyst

Why Choose SYAMCAT Secondary Steam Reforming Catalyst?


More than 10% active components Nickel Oxide (NiO) are added


The K2O content is more than 2%, with good anti-carbon performance.


5+ years of high guaranteed service life

Production Process of SYAMCAT Secondary Steam Reforming Catalyst

 Active Component Preparation: Begin by dissolving nickel nitrate, the active component, to ensure optimal temperature resistance and stability.
 Incorporating High-Temperature Stability: Recognizing the need for stability at high temperatures (1300-1400℃), this catalyst is engineered not to fuse or deform.
 Precipitation Method: Utilize the precipitation method to create the catalyst, involving the addition of α-Al2O3 powder to the nickel nitrate solution.
 Neutralization and Precipitation: Achieve the desired catalyst properties by neutralizing the mixture with potassium carbonate, then precipitating it to form the base catalyst.
 Drying and Roasting: The catalyst base is then carefully dried and roasted to achieve the desired properties.
 Addition of Stabilizers: To enhance stability, add calcium aluminate cement and graphite, ensuring the catalyst's structural integrity.
 Mixing, Kneading, and Molding: Carefully mix, knead, and mold the catalyst material to the desired shape for uniform performance.
 Final Drying: The shaped catalyst is dried to perfection, resulting in the finished product, ready for use in the demanding environment of secondary steam reforming.

Sencondary steam reforming catalyst production process flow chart:

Mixing →Neutralization→Precipitation →Drying Roasting →Kneading→MoldingDrying

SYAMCAT Ammonia Secondary Steam Reforming Catalyst Solution

In hydrocarbon steam reforming to ammonia and methanol syngas plants, the purpose of the secondary steam reforming is to further reform the residual methane of the primary reforming gas to meet the syngas requirements. The secondary conversion is the worst working condition equipment, the catalyst in the conversion furnace for a long time in the high temperature and high pressure conditions. 

At the top of the secondary steam reforming furnace, the temperature of the oxygen (air) mixed with the primary steam reforming gas is about 1260°C. If there is any problem with the mixer or the airflow distribution is not uniform, the local maximum temperature can be up to 1980°C. The catalyst in the secondary steam reforming furnace is under such high temperature and pressure conditions. The catalyst of the secondary steam reforming is equivalent to being sintered under such working conditions, and the pore structure, specific surface and other physical properties of the catalyst may undergo large changes, which will have a greater impact on the performance of the catalyst, especially the activity.

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Secondary Steam Reforming Catalyst with Structural Stability for Reformer
Enhance your reformer's performance with SYAMCAT's Secondary Steam Reforming Catalyst.
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Secondary Steam Reforming Catalyst with High Ni content for Syngas Progress
Secondary steam reforming catalyst has good activity, heat resistance, and structural stability.
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SYAMCAT's Technology Service of Secondary Steam Reforming Catalyst

Customized Catalyst Solutions:
The professional technical team will optimize the synthesis ammonia catalyst according to your operating conditions/requests and propose the most suitable product to you;
Guaranteed 5-Year Service Life:
An official authoritative guarantee of a service life of at least 5 years
Expert Remote Guidance and Technical Support:
Remote guidance and technical services for catalyst start-up, loading, maintenance of any in-service shutdown, etc. If on-site instruction is required, a small fee will be charged according to the time;
Real-Time Production Monitoring and Support:
Monitor and record data for your production operations at any time (your cooperation is required), and provide real-time technical advice or parameter adjustments if necessary for various conditions during operation.

FAQs of SYAMCAT Secondary Steam Reforming Catalyst

How many years is the service life of your secondary steam reforming catalyst?

Usually it's more than 5 years. In order to prolong the service life of the catalyst, the operating parameters such as temperature, pressure, H2O/C ratio should be maintained stable, times of startups and shutdowns should also be lessened, as well as times of oxidation-reduction of the catalysts.During operation, light up all the burners (no mis-lighting or uneven burning) as far as possible to keep even and stable heating; observe the tube color frequently, measure tube wall temperature regularly, and find out and treat hot band, hot spot or hot tube in time. The temperature difference between each exit spot of the reformer should be kept within 20℃.
What is the inlet temperature to the nickel catalyst bed?
There is a great influence of temperature on the reduction process. No matter it is considered from nickel reduction equilibrium, or ammonia cracking equilibrium, or the reaction rate, it is always beneficial to raise temperature. In the whole reduction period, the inlet temperature of the nickel catalyst bed should be kept as high as possible, generally, in the range of 450-650℃.

Through continuous technological innovation, we provide catalyst solutions for ammonia production.
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SYAMCAT is a professional manufacturer of synthetic ammonia catalysts with over 30 years of catalyst experience and history,Through continuous technological innovation, we offer catalyst solutions for ammonia production.If you would like to learn more or are in search of a manufacturer for synthetic ammonia catalysts for your company, please feel free to contact us.
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