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SYAMCAT Conducts Tailored Professional Training on Ammonia Synthesis Catalysts

SYAMCAT Conducts Tailored Professional Training on Ammonia Synthesis Catalysts

Jul 16,2020
SYAMCAT Conducts Tailored Professional Training on Ammonia Synthesis Catalysts
Zibo, 16.July, 2020 — In a strategic move to enhance customer service capabilities, SYAMCAT recently organized a customized professional training program focused on ammonia synthesis catalysts for its sales team. The initiative, featuring guidance from Founder Mr. Niu Kai and expert instruction by PhD Supervisor Liu, aimed to deepen the team's understanding of ammonia synthesis catalysts and empower them to apply this knowledge effectively in meeting customer needs.
Founder-led Learning Experience
SYAMCAT Conducts Tailored Professional Training
Underlining SYAMCAT's commitment to excellence, Founder Mr. Niu Kai personally led the sales team through an immersive learning experience. This unique leadership provided team members with valuable insights into the company's vision, values, and the technical intricacies of ammonia synthesis catalysts.

Expert-Led Instruction
SYAMCAT Conducts Tailored Professional Training
The training sessions also featured in-depth instruction from Professor Liu, a distinguished figure in the field of ammonia catalyst development. Professor Liu's expertise covered advanced topics, including catalyst formulation, manufacturing processes, and strategies for optimizing catalyst performance in diverse operational conditions.

Practical Application through Team-Based PK Challenges
SYAMCAT Conducts Tailored Professional Training
Recognizing the importance of applying theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios, the training included a special focus on practical application. The sales team was divided into small groups, each tasked with solving authentic challenges in the field. The highlight of this segment was a friendly but competitive "PK Challenge," fostering a team spirit while emphasizing the practical application of acquired knowledge.

Edward Geng, a participant in the PK Challenge, shared his thoughts on the experience, "The PK Challenge was a dynamic way to put our newly acquired knowledge into action. It not only fueled healthy competition within the team but also reinforced our ability to meet our customers’ complicated requirements.

This comprehensive training program underscores SYAMCAT's dedication to equipping its sales team with the latest industry knowledge, enhancing customer service capabilities, and maintaining a leadership position in the ammonia synthesis catalyst sector. For more information on SYAMCAT's products and initiatives,please find About SYAMCAT.

SYAMCAT is a global leader in the research, development, and production of high-performance ammonia synthesis catalysts. With a focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, SYAMCAT continues to push the boundaries of catalyst technology, contributing to the advancement of the global ammonia synthesis industry. For more needs, contact us.
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