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Founder of the AVANT Group Leads SYAMCAT Sales Team in Marketing Training to Enhance Service Quality

Founder of the AVANT Group Leads SYAMCAT Sales Team in Marketing Training to Enhance Service Quality

Jul 1,2020
Founder of the AVANT Group Leads SYAMCAT Sales Team in Marketing Training to Enhance Service Quality
With a mission to continually improve customer experiences and expand market share, AVANT Group has made the strategic decision to enhance the professionalism and market insights of its sales team. To achieve this goal, Mr. Niu Kai , the founder of the AVANT Group, personally led the sales team of their ammonia synthesis catalyst brand, SYAMCAT, in an elite-level marketing training program. The primary objectives were to empower the team, focus on customer-centric practices, and deliver even more value.
SYAMCAT Sales Team
Empowering the Team, Enhancing Comprehensive Skills
As a team leader, Mr. Niu Kai understands the importance of enhancing the overall skills of the team. The training focused on developing team leadership, communication skills, and strategic planning, ensuring that every member of the sales team acquired more professional and efficient working methods and communication skills. This enables us to better meet customer needs and provide more personalized and professional services.

Customer-Centric Approach, Establishing Deep Communication
In the modern ammonia synthesis market environment, putting the customer at the center is the key to a company's success. During the training, SYAMCAT's sales team deeply understood the importance of customer relationship management and learned a series of techniques and strategies for profound communication. We learned how to listen to customer needs, understand their pain points, and provide tailored solutions. The SYAMCAT sales team deeply recognizes that we are not just providing high-quality catalysts; we are offering comprehensive, personalized solutions for ammonia synthesis plants, creating more value for our customers.
SYAMCAT Sales Team
Delivering More Value, Building Brand Image

To stand out in a highly competitive market, a company needs to continuously deliver value and cultivate a strong brand image. During the training program, Mr. Niu Kai shared successful cases of brand building and value delivery specific to SYAMCAT. He encouraged team members to integrate these experiences into their daily work. By infusing more innovation and uniqueness into our catalysts and services, SYAMCAT will be able to earn the trust of our customers and establish an outstanding brand image.
This marketing training not only provided the SYAMCAT sales team with professional knowledge and skills but also ignited the team's potential and creativity. In future endeavors, the SYAMCAT sales team will approach their work with an even greater level of professionalism and a customer-centric attitude, offering outstanding catalysts and services to our customers. This commitment injects new vitality into the company's development.
Through continuous technological innovation, we provide catalyst solutions for ammonia production.
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