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Supporting Ammonia Production and Promoting Global Agricultural Development:

I am deeply honored to witness with you the booming development of the ammonia industry and the significant progress in global agriculture. Since its establishment, SYAMCAT has relentlessly adhered to one mission: to provide excellent catalyst solutions for ammonia and fertilizer plants through professional knowledge and continuous innovation, and to contribute to the continued prosperity and sustainable development of global agriculture.

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Facing the Global Market and
Challenging World-renowned Brands

Factory Strength

The rise and innovative achievements in the field of ammonia in China over the past few decades have been truly remarkable

China's production capacity has jumped from Over 20 million tons in 1980s to over 60 million tons in 2022. China not only leads in quantity, but also continues to pioneer innovation in technology. As a significant participant in the field of ammonia synthesis catalysts, SYAMCAT takes great pride in witnessing China's outstanding achievements in new catalysts and efficient processes. Through unremitting research and development, China's domestically produced catalysts achieved a localization rate of 90% in 2022. Meanwhile, in the continuous technological innovation of ammonia synthesis catalysts, SYAMCAT is proudly comparable to global traditional brands from Switzerland, Denmark, United Kingdom, and others, providing reliable support for the ammonia synthesis industry. Under the dual challenges of global economic downturn and food security, SYAMCAT continues to provide stable, reliable and cost-effective catalysts.

Environmental Sustainability Promoter

Factory Strength

SYAMCAT adheres to our role as a leader in environmental sustainability and regard energy conservation and emission reduction as a top priority.

In the past, ammonia production could have resulted in considerable energy consumption and emissions.

Nevertheless, our main objective at the moment is to focus on energy saving and reducing emissions. Through continuous technological innovation, SYAMCAT has not only successfully developed catalysts to improve the efficiency of ammonia synthesis production, but also committed to promoting the optimization of the production process to reduce energy consumption and emissions. SYAMCAT firmly believes that energy conservation and emission reduction will not only help protect the environment, but also provide a more sustainable future for global agriculture. Under the dual guidance of environmental protection and innovation, SYAMCAT aims to become an active promoter of sustainable development in the industry.

Through continuous technological innovation, we provide catalyst solutions for ammonia production.
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SYAMCAT is a professional manufacturer of synthetic ammonia catalysts with over 30 years of catalyst experience and history,Through continuous technological innovation, we offer catalyst solutions for ammonia production.If you would like to learn more or are in search of a manufacturer for synthetic ammonia catalysts for your company, please feel free to contact us.
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